Friday, November 1, 2013

I Want Your Freebies for Reviews

            I receive the most traffic when I do my independent writer reviews.  More traffic means my “voice” reaches more people, and I’m able to speak directly to the people who might like my books.  Everyone wins in a deal like that, so I’m asking you to send your free books to me for a review.

            Because of the amount of time necessary to read and write reviews, I’m unable to predict a time-frame for reviews.  Also, I WILL NOT review books that are unreadable (too many mistakes/typos).  I might also turn down an author because his/her book doesn’t hold my interest (based on preference).  It doesn't hurt to send a copy of your book my way, however, just in case it’s something I’d like to share with my network.

            I want your freebies.  I want horror, science fiction, thrillers, short stories, novels, and anything in between.

            Also, I might not be sticking to my regular blog schedule in the future, which means I will be blogging as much, or as little, as I think is appropriate.  For the most part, I receive the most blog views after I advertise new posts on Facebook and Twitter, so an irregular blog schedule shouldn't be a problem for me.

            Email me at and let me know that you want to send a freebie my way for a potential review.  I’ll be happy to hear from you.