Friday, November 30, 2012

A Writer's Blog

My first blog... I want to be informal and candid with my experiences.  I think it will be easier to share stories with you that way.  "You," who I hope to be fans of my writing in some respect.  Maybe you enjoy the articles I write for Yahoo Contributor Network.

Maybe you enjoyed my first published short story, Disclosure (free for download), and are waiting for the release of my first full-length science fiction novel (which will be free for a limited time upon release):

Maybe you want to learn more about writing, and have chosen to read my blog to learn from my experiences.  Regardless of why you're here, I'm happy to have you.

What to expect

I plan to release a new post at least once a week (maybe more), and will talk about what I'm doing as a writer to make sure my E-book is published by my self-imposed deadline, problems I encounter, my overall experiences with writing, promotions, free samples, and anything I ultimately feel is relevant or worth blogging about.
What kind of Stories?

This is more of an introduction than it is an actual entry, so I want to make sure you know as much about my writing as possible before you commit to reading my blog.  Disclosure, the short story you can read for free right now by following the link mentioned above, is a story about alien disclosure.

I have a flash fiction story on Yahoo's Contributor Network (also mentioned above) called Family Graveyard.  I get paid $1.50 for every 1,000 views I receive on my articles, so feel free to take a look at my content.  Family Graveyard is a metaphor about how people treat each other during life, and we allow significant figures in our lives to be forgotten as we separate ourselves from them.


This is my favorite genre to write in.  I will always enjoy being able to evoke emotions of fear, especially that sticky kind that make otherwise normal people be drawn into a world of terrifying delusions, just waiting to see if I let the young girl survive the family of modern-day cannibals who want to eat her alive.  More on this later...

Science Fiction/Conspiracies

My brand of science fiction will be heavily spiced with conspiracy theories.  In a world where science fiction usually seems to throw the reader into a spaceship, I think there are too many good conspiracies in the world that are going to waste.

The Dream Machine:  More on this later......